Saturday, February 4, 2012

Things I'm Loving

My new nephew, Christian Scott! Born December 21, 2011
He was definitely the best Christmas present!
I get to start watching this sweet little boy in a few weeks!
Do you think I'll have enough boys around my house? :0)

This face on Christmas morning. Porter was so excited for Christmas this year! Christmas morning with a three year old was magical. (Landon's first Christmas and our first Christmas in our new house too!)

Gotta love posed family shots! 

Cousins on Justin's side! My boys are so lucky to have such a big family-Landon has three cousins born the same year as him!

All the cousins on my side! So funny that my parents have three grandsons after having three daughters.

My two boys sharing their room!

Many generations getting to spend quality time together! My boys love their great granddad!

Porter playing a superhero video game

My baby turning one! I can't believe it's been a year, and I could never imagine our family without our Landon Bean!

Landon's bouncy horse! He loves his big birthday present (and so does Porter!)

Celebrating Landon's birthday with banana cake :0) He loved it!

This very toothy grin! (and days at the park with Daddy)

This very happy boy!

Just a few things I'm loving these days!

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